Trendy surfaces

The latest technology and a commitment to innovation and the most up-to-date design give shape to Zenon materials, the ultimate tool for personalising major projects to the maximum. Versatility, flexibility and resistance at the service of architects and interior designers. Discover the surfaces and products that will boost the possibilities of your project.

Shower trays

Purity, cleanliness and quality. Zenon shower trays offer a made-to-measure solution for bathroom design. These pieces combine the guarantees of advanced materials with the most innovative design. Our catalogue is surprising for the variety of colours, for the introduction of natural textures and for the possibility of adapting the size of the shower trays to the needs of your project.

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Zenon turns bathtubs into the centre of attention. An unequivocal commitment to design that allows you to create original spaces thanks to its exclusive shapes. Freestanding bathtubs, built-in, round, oval… Choosing Zenon bathtubs means adding a touch of personality, originality and elegance. Our bathtubs are available in different materials, colours and finishes. What’s more, they can be adapted in size to fit in any project. Discover them!

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Zenon takes a step forward in bathroom design with its collection of washbasins and countertops. In the hands of designers and architects, they become an essential tool for personalising projects, both in residential and commercial architecture. From minimalist countertop washbasins to sculptural freestanding washbasins, our catalogue stands out for its variety and versatility without forgetting the characteristics of the most advanced materials: resistance, lightness, hygiene…

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Bathroom furniture

Lightweight and functional, Zenon bathroom furniture is the perfect complement, the tool that allows interior designers and architects to cover all bathroom design needs. Adaptable in size, they fit into the most avant-garde spaces thanks to their minimalist design. All our furniture is available in black and white and in matt finish.

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Floor-standing washbasins

Design, elegance and practicality. Zenon’s freestanding washbasins are designed to attract all eyes. From circular washbasins with a romantic air to a modern square design. All of them are made of our Solid material which makes them perfect products with no visible joints. The free-standing washbasins are available in nine standard colours and can also be customised on the outside with our exclusive metallic colours!

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Bathroom Countertops

Zenon presents its new collection of bathroom countertops with unique designs and the possibility of integrated towel rails. In the hands of designers and architects, they become an essential tool for personalising any residential architectural project without sacrificing elegance and practicality.

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Zenon mirrors are a must-have for bathroom design. Available in different designs, some of our products are available with built-in backlighting, an option that will enhance their charm and harmony – perfect to make an impression!

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Our bath materials

Gel coat

This is the name of the product used in the surface layer that covers the mass of mineral filler and resin. It is, therefore, a high-quality coating made from polyester resins. This surface layer is thermofused with the body and gives rise to products that stand out for their durability, hardness, resistance to hydrolysis and chemical aggression and for their antibacterial character. In addition, it is a commitment to design, as it allows for the creation of innovative textures in the bathroom.

Smart Solid

This acrylic resin compound is normally used to manufacture sheets or plates in different formats, it is a much more perfect material with a greater versatility than solid thanks to its thermoformable character. It is also an all-mass product and has infinite possibilities to build shapes adapted to each space without having to limit yourself to a mould. The ultimate design tool for architects and interior designers.


Acrylic is a variant of plastic, resistant, highly flexible and lightweight, which facilitates handling, installation and installation.
They stand out for their high transparency, high impact resistance (more than 15 times higher than glass) and resistance to ultraviolet rays. It is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, very light and with a hardness similar to that of aluminium. Acrylic facilitates moulding and machining due to its great flexibility and lightness, and it is also an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator


These are all-mass products. There is no surface layer and the whole product is a homogeneous mixture of material. This type of solid surface compound (polyester resin) is most commonly used for injecting material into moulds, resulting in a finished product with no visible joints. Our Solid Surface stands out for its lightness and smooth finish, helping to boost design in the bathroom and other spaces with its multiple applications.