Shower trays

Zenon Solid surface’s Gel Coat shower trays provide the guarantees of an advanced material with the design touch that imprints the textures.


The Zenon furniture collection was created with the perfect complement to our bathroom worktops in mind. A light and designer collection that adapts to any avant-garde interior.

Bathroom countertops

Zenon is flexibility. Anything that’s in an interior designer’s mind is in our collection of lightweight, functional bathroom worktops.

Supportive wash basins

Let your imagination run wild and find all the options for one of the most fashionable washbasin models in recent years: variety in shapes and sizes.

Freestanding Washbasin

Thanks to its ability to take any shape, Zenon is the solution for those who are looking for extra design and decoration in the bathroom. The free-standing washbasins in our collection are just one example – imagination at its best!

Replacement Wall Panels

If you are looking to cover the shower duck and its surroundings with the same material, consult our offer in replacement panels, with a variety of colors and textures.