Smart Solid Surface

Smart Solid Surface, a material that borders on perfection.

The commitment to innovation generates a material with infinite possibilities for adapting shapes without limit.
The ultimate tool at the service of architects and interior designers.

Maximum versatility

This acrylic resin composite is normally used to manufacture sheets or plates in different formats.

It is a much more perfect material with greater versatility than solid due to its thermoformable nature.

It is also an all-mass product and has infinite possibilities to build shapes adapted to each space without having to limit yourself to a mould. The ultimate design tool for architects and interior designers.

Composition Smart Solid Surface

Polyester resin : 34-45
Alumina tri-hydrate | 55-66%.
Pigments | 0-4%

Properties Smart Solid Surface

All Mass
High hardness
Anti-absorbent surface
U.V. resistant

Non-visible joints with mechanical resistance
Classic White
Matt Finish
Soft Touch
Food use

Easy to clean
Can be cut
Adaptable to the space



Our Gel Coat material is available in four different finishes to bring natural textures to the bathroom.


Standard Colours

For added versatility, Gel Coat comes in twelve colours in neutral tones perfect to match any style.

They can be applied over the entire surface of the product both indoors and outdoors.

Natural | Ral 9001

Cream | Ral 1019

Moka | Ral 7006

Nieve | Ral 9003

New Pearl | Ral 7044

Perla | Ral 7035

Cemento | Ral 7037

Antracita | Ral 7016

Negro | Ral 9005





All Gel Coat models can be customised with all Ral colours.

Metallic Colours

Zenon was born to dazzle, to shine, that’s why we offer our countertop basins, freestanding basins and bathtubs in an attractive range of metallic colours, a finish that does not go unnoticed and that you can find in a wide variety of irresistible colours.

Metallic colours can only be applied to the outside of the product.

Oro | Ral 280M

Oro Viejo | Ral 1036

Cobre | Ral 8004

Rosa | Ral 480M

Plata | Ral 820M


Turquesa | Ral 720M