We inspire and promote our clients’ projects.
Not only do we offer you a rich catalogue of formats, designs and finishes, but we also provide customised solutions to each challenge you set us.


Cifre Cerámica is a company where innovation in design gives shape to universal solutions for architecture and interior design projects. Our materials become tools for professionals, giving life to private and commercial spaces. For us, people are as important as material things. The quality of our products is combined with the commitment of our staff and customer service focused on satisfying all your needs.


Solidity and experience

Cifre Cerámica, founded in 1984, has experienced continuous growth ever since. Our long history in the ceramic sector has made us a benchmark company in the Spanish tile industry. Continuous innovation and attention to customer needs are the pillars of our work. Present in more than 130 countries, our passion for ceramics is expressed in a wide range of products that respond to and satisfy all the aesthetic and technical needs of the market.


Active listening. Discovering customer needs is essential for meaningful innovation. At Cifre Cerámica we offer a wide range of ceramic solutions for all types of projects.

Teamwork. We can only offer the best products with the best services if we solve challenges together. We constantly invest in the latest production and decoration techniques to get the best out of ourselve

Passion for innovation. We want our products to become useful tools for architects, interior designers and builders. That is why our offer is based on technological innovation and market realities.

Our brands

We offer customers design, quality and innovative tools through our individual brands.
Cifre Cerámica and Zenon Smart Solid Surface provide the right solutions for each project.

Cifre Cerámica is the embodiment of our most ambitious aspiration. At Cifre we make the most of ceramics by diversifying not only in designs, but also in formats and finishes to inspire all types of professionals in all types of projects.

Our passion for innovation meets the best technologies to shape Zenon materials. Versatility, flexibility and design are put at the service of architects and interior designers through the ultimate tool for personalising major projects to the maximum.


We have grown from a small family to a big family, with many employees who have been with us from the beginning. We encourage the active participation of the whole team, as their contribution is fundamental for Cifre Cerámica to be able to continue looking to the future with optimism and hope.

Customer relations

We hope to accompany you so that you feel secure in your decisions. Thanks to our sales departments located all over the world, we offer efficient, sustainable and quality solutions. We value long-term relationships with our customers. While technology is an essential partner, it is people that inspire us. Our sales team works closely with our marketing, administration and distribution teams, sharing the same passion for ceramics that has driven us until now.


Our extensive catalogue is the result of the work of a team of qualified specialists who control the entire production process. Product development strives to follow global industry trends and provide answers to new challenges.


At Cifre Cerámica we guarantee a fast and quality service thanks to our 3 logistics centres, with a total surface area of more than 120,000 square metres and a capacity of 150,000 pallets, always covered to guarantee safety and optimum raw material. conditions. Innovation and technology are part of our nature, which is why all our facilities are WiFi enabled and optimised by automating processes and integrating warehouse management software (WMS).