Advantages and Uses

Zenon Solid

Maximum versatility is what Zenon offers, the intelligent solid surface proposed by Cifre Cerámica. With Zenon, architecture and interior design projects go one step further. It is no longer the professionals who adapt to the materials, but the materials that become tools at the disposal of the creators.

Within our Solid Surface product range, we have two types of composites to make our products, Smart Solid and Solid.

Smart Solid:

This acrylic resin composite is normally used to manufacture sheets or plates in different formats.
It is a much more perfect material and with a greater versatility than solid, it is also an all-mass product and has infinite possibilities, to build shapes adapted to each space without having to limit yourself to a mould.


These are all-mass products, they do not have any surface layer and the whole product is a homogeneous mixture of material.
This type of solid surface composite (polyester resin) is the most commonly used for injecting material into moulds, resulting in a finished product.

Take advantage of the benefits that Zenon offers to realise images that we previously only dared to dream of. Working with Zenon means working with a material that allows you to create any shape, that has no joints, that can let light through, that is available in many colours and that is easy to maintain.

Lavabo Dinamarca

With Zenon you can create any shape that you may imagine. It is a thermoformable material and that means that it can be shaped in any possible way in order to develop a project. Curves, angles, waves or any other imaginable shape comes true with Zenon thermoforming.

Zenon sheets can also be carved, machined and moulded to increase their versatility They can also be combined with other materials like ceramics, wood, glass or steel.
The projects carried out with Zenon don’t have visible joints, since the material itself can be used to unite the different sheets with an invisible result.

The magic of Zenon lies in its versatility and nothing is more versatile than being able to adopt any imaginable shape.. Thanks to thermoforming, Zenon can become a perfect wave or a sequence of sinuous curves.
Thanks to this process, which involves applying heat and force, Zenon is the perfect material to create curved pieces, either to cover a space or to create concave sinks for contemporary bathrooms.
This thermoforming process, together with the possibility of uniting pieces imperceptibly, make Zenon suitable for any project like curved bars, countertops or furniture.

If there is something that makes Zenon special and different from the rest of materials, it is its extremely high resistance and security for almost any use.
Zenon has maximum resistance against high and low temperatures, against bangs or scratching, but it also remains in perfect condition after the contact with chemical substances. This extraordinarily secure nature makes Zenon the perfect material for healthcare centres, kitchens, bathrooms, hotels… The material has all the basic features to be used in any place that you may imagine and to match the most strict requirements.

Zenon is a fireproof material and has no risk of fires. As a consequence of all these features, Zenon has a guarantee of 10 years.

Zenon is naturally antibacterial and there is no need to apply any chemical additive, a guarantee that Zenon will not lose this feature over time. This antibacterial nature makes Zenon perfect for alimentary use, as it meets the highest standards for food contact.
Thanks to these features, Zenon can be used without any kind of risk in domestic and industrial kitchens, public spaces, clinics or health care facilities.

Working with Zenon means being environmentally responsible. Our material does not only observe the strictest international laws of food contact, but it is also totally recyclable., The material used for the Zenon projects can be processed again to give the material a second life.
There are no limits for the shapes and colors of Zenon. We can produce the material in any colour, depending on the size of the project and the basic needs of the client. It is also possible to choose from our basic color palette or pick one of our 88 color ranges (monocolor, granite or translucent).
But the trademark color of Zenon is white, a pure shade that does not lose any properties over time. Besides, the material can have a glossy or matt finishing, always depending on the needs of the project.
Light is a major ally of Zenon, since the material is also available in translucent colors so that it can be backlit.

The possibilities of Zenon grow when the material is used in its translucent version. With Zenon, light becomes an ally of the professionals of architecture and interior design to create almost magical spaces where lightning plays the leading role.

Translucent pieces can be backlit, a property that makes Zenon especially suitable for interior design projects of shops, bars or hotels. Highlighting a certain product in a shop or focusing the attention on a counter are some of the possibilities of translucent Zenon.
Combine translucent and opaque pieces to increase the lighting effects of Zenon and create even richer interiors.

The nature of Zenon allows the use of the material itself as the welding between two sheets: Zenon is used as an adhesive for Zenon. That results in invisible joints.

That is why Zenon is an endless material. It can be used to create countertops, wall coverings with impossible shapes or any kind of furniture. This material is also used to create kitchens with perfect finishes and sinks that are completely integrated thanks to the Zenon adhesive.

Few materials have so many guarantees as Zenon for small or large projects. Our material, thanks to its nature, is totally repairable. The adhesive, made from the same composition as the material, allows us to repair any tear or small imperfection and the surface will look brand new again.

If a surface made with Zenon begins to wear out over time, a simple repair of sanding can make the product look perfect and new again in just a few minutes and with a minimum cost.

This important property makes this product perfectly suitable for any kind of project, even for those with an intensive use, like public areas or the heavily used domestic spaces.

Zenon is the perfect tool to personalize almost any point of the bathroom, since it can be used for covering the walls, creating washbasins, shower trays or bathroom furniture.

Its own nature makes Zenon especially suitable for bathrooms because of its ability of customization and adaptation to any kind of project, but also because of its resistance and easy cleaning and maintenance. Zenon is the perfect material for both the projects that seek a touch of color and the ones where white is the predominant shade.

If there is a place where the physical and aesthetic properties of Zenon can be put to the test, that is the kitchen. This material allows us to create custom kitchens, with any color combination and any shape that you may imagine.

But, at the same time, we are using a material that obeys the strictest laws of food contact. Zenon is antibacterial and has strong resistance to all kinds of products, of common use in the kitchen. Besides, its easy maintenance allows the material to look brand new again after a fast and simple repair.

Zenon grows when used in architecture or decoration of public spaces. It breaks the limits of imagination and turns into reality what could only be seen in plans and virtual images. It is a material with infinite color possibilities, the ability of creating unbelievable shapes, an extraordinary resistance and an easy maintenance that make it perfect for these projects:

  • Hotels and restaurants. The interior design projects take on a new dimension with Zenon, the material that can be used for almost every space. Furniture and outdoors decoration elements, translucent panels or amazing structures are part of the wide range of possibilities offered by Zenon. The material can also be used in the kitchen of hotels and restaurants because of its easy cleaning and antibacterial nature.
  • Shopping centers. Zenon allows your shop to be different. Its ability of adaptation to any surface, its unlimited color palette and its thermoformable nature make Zenon the right material to create countertops, tables, shelves and any piece of furniture that a commercial space may need. Its easy cleaning and repairable nature make it perfectly resistant to wear and small damages.
  • Health care centers. Zenon, because of its antibacterial nature, can be present in almost any space related to health: operating rooms, surgeries, receptions or even hospital rooms. An antibacterial material without chemical additives like Zenon does not only guarantee that a health care center is aesthetically attractive, but it also makes sure that has all the sanitary and health guarantees.

Due to its high resistance to cold, heat and wind, Zenon is perfect for ventilated facades. With this new material, architects can now create facades that they could have never been able to create before.

With Zenon, ventilated facades acquire new shapes and colors, out of the ordinary, without losing quality or durability. Easy repair and cleaning are also key features of Zenon.

Zenon can have as many uses as one may want and can be applied to any Project carried out by a professional, since it is a tool for interior designers and architects.. Put our material to the test creating furniture, latticeworks, vessels, lamps… Anything that you can imagine, can be made with Zenon.