Zenon, the intelligent solid surface

Zenon is the intelligent solid surface, capable of realizing any idea that is in the mind of an architect or interior designer.

It is a compact material made with acrylic resin and aluminium hydroxide, of great hardness and without pores, with exceptional qualities in aesthetics, durability, maintenance and versatility. Zenon, more than a material, is the definitive tool for construction and decoration professionals.

Zenon can be used in many different ways: manipulating it like wood (carving, moulding or thermoforming it) or giving it different thicknesses by joining plates. By its nature, it is a material without joints.

Zenon can be manufactured in any colour or can be used in pure white. In addition, the possibility of making it backlit makes it especially interesting for interior design projects.

If its aesthetic qualities are important, its properties and resistance become fundamental characteristics: Zenon is highly resistant, fireproof, naturally antibacterial, 100% recyclable, easily cleanable and renewable with a simple sanding process. In addition, Zenon has a 10 year warranty.

Zenon translates into Gel Coat, our collection of coloured worktops and shower trays and Zenon Solid Surface, our pure white material that easily becomes bathroom worktops, bathtubs, shower trays, kitchen worktops, lattices, solution spaces and irons that make any space imaginable.

With Zenon you will be able to make your projects a reality and you will be able to give your clients a quality, reliable and long term solution.