Exterior lights

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Exterior lights Lighting is one of the main allies of decoration and there is nothing better than a spectacular outdoor lamps to color summer nights. Zenon can be back lit  and is therefore the material is perfect for this type of project

Modern staircase

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Modern staircase A staircase can become the central element in a house, especially if it has been designed with Zenon. This impressive and modern staircase creates a much lighter and more modern look in this house.

Zenon exhibition

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Zenon exhibition Zenon is the main material in the new Cifre Cerámica exhibition aimed at architectural and larger projects. The panels, central table as well as all the other elements have been created with this material to form an enclosed area. All the various Zenon options can be seen in this [...]

Domestic bathroom

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Domestic bathroom Private residential project This bathroom, located in a spacious apartment, offers the owners a peaceful haven against the hustle and bustle of daily life. A contrast was created between the white Zenon wash basin and the blue of the cabinet drawers and mirror frame. The fact that the [...]

Domestic Sink

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Domestic Sink Perfect for kitchen worktops, Zenon is also suitable for sinks in domestic and business premises as it is extremely hardwearing and easy to clean. Zenon used for: Worktop and sink. Zenon Glacier White.

Light-filled kitchen

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Light-filled kitchen Private interior design project Contrasting black and white was used for this spacious and light-filled kitchen. The kitchen island, in pure white, contrasts with the intense black of the cupboards. To soften the contrasts, the architect chose concrete colour flooring to increase the overall harmony. Both the [...]

White exterior panels

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White exterior panels Terrace project panels Separating the different areas of this restaurant-pub with terrace is essential. Using Zenon panels different areas may be separated with no loss of air flow. Privacy can therefore be maintained without raising the temperature for customers. Zenon's resistance to direct sunlight and weather conditions [...]

Fashion boutique

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Fashion boutique Boutique in shopping mall This fashion boutique, located in a shopping mall, takes full advantage of Zenon to create the youthful, sophisticated ambience offered by the product. Zenon panels are machined to create circles and backlights. Zenon used for: interiors, Zenon Glacier White and Zenon Grey. [...]

Sophisticated restaurant

By | 2017-04-21T13:54:07+00:00 March 17th, 2015|Projects|

Sophisticated Restaurant To convert a conventional establishment into a unique place was the challenge that the professional team in charge of this refurbishment faced. Zenon panels with an interesting lighting effect were used to clad the walls. Zenon used for:  interiors, Zenon Glacier White.

Hotel reception

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Hotel Reception Clear, unobstructed areas If an interior designer or architect is thinking of creating a project in pure white, Zenon is the perfect solution, as can be seen in this hotel reception which was designed using our material. The properties of Zenon lend a magical air to the cladding. [...]